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Why Taloja?

Taloja is a CIDCO owned and a planned residential node right next to Kharghar. Taloja is already a station on the Diva-Panvel Railway line. Taloja is divided into two phases namely Taloja- I and Taloja- II with Taloja-I being next to the railway station. Major projects under construction are in Taloja- I with 20-25 projects already ready for fit in.
Taloja Railway Station is located at a distance of 9 KM's from the Kharghar Station. Taloja is again a CIDCO planned node like Kharghar running at 50% of the price of Kharghar. Taloja is a self sufficient node in terms of Schools, Colleges, Playgrounds, Hospital and Local/General Stores.

Ways to Reach Taloja

1. Taloja Railway Station is easily accessible by various modes of transport. Diva-Panvel Railway Line: Taloja is the stop between Navade and Nilaje with 8 trains through the day.

2. Taloja Naka Bus Stop There are about 4 buses running to Taloja from Belapur, Kharghar, Kalamboli.
Bus no. 52- From Belapur Railway Station- Taloja Naka
Bus no. 54- From Kharghar Railway Station- RAF Colony (Last Stop near Taloja)
Bus no. 55- From Ghansoli- Taloja

3. By Road There are three major routes to reach Taloja
From Kalamboli( via sion panvel highway) Take the left from McDonalds to reach Taloja. You will cross Navade, Taloja MIDC to reach Taloja. It is about 6-7 KM's from Kalamboli
From Kharghar Take the Kharghar exit from the Sion-Panvel highway and travel through TATA Hospital, Sector 30-35 of Kharghar to eventually end up at RAF colony. RAF colony is the border between Taloja-Kharghar.
From Shil Phata Taloja lies on the Kalyan-Panvel highway so once you are near Shil Phata enroute Panvel you will find Taloja on your left well before Navade.

In and around Taloja Taloja is a self sufficient node with CIDCO planning Schools, Playgrounds, Hospitals and Garden. Taloja is very close to the central park and gold course in Kharghar. The central park would be 5 kms away from Taloja Station. The golf course and the under construction Isckon Temple is again 5 km away from Taloja. Kharghar has three international schools which have bus facility to Taloja. The cultural heritage centre which is planned by CIDCO is a 4 km drive from Taloja.

Metro Rail Work and Over Bridge from Kharghar to Taloja II
There are three phases in the Navi Mumbai Metro.
1 CBD Belapur- Pendhar (Taloja II)
2 Khandeshwar- Taloja MIDC
3 Pendhar (Taloja II) - Taloja MIDC

Out of which work for the 1st phase started in 2011 inaugurated by our chief minister Shri. Prithviraj Chauhan. The 1st phase has 11 stops from CBD Belapur-Kharghar-Taloja II.
Station in the 1st line
1 CBD Belapur Railway Station
3 Kharghar (Railway Station)
4-9 Kharghar (Utsav Chowk, Sector 35, Central Park)
10 Taloja Pachanand(Taloja I)
11 Pendhar Terminal (Taloja II)